May 4, 2021 - New Software For Phase 3


May the fourth be with you! ⚔️

In order to kick off Phase 3: Staking Dynamics, 66% of our validators will need to coordinate the start of the chain on May 6th @ 9am PDT. This will require you to update your node to the latest software which you can find in our validator guide. Do I need to be present during the chain start?

You are not required to be present if you have upgraded your node with the latest software and your system is running smoothly. However, we recommend being present to ensure that your node is in fact working at the time of the chain start. What time is the chain start for Phase 3? It has been pushed 24 hours. It is now on May 6th @ 9am PDT Which branch should we be on for Phase 3? You should be on agorictest-11