March 31, 2021 - 12 Hours Left in Phase 1!

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Happy Wednesday, Validators! With ~12 hours left in Phase 1, we want to make sure you submit your tasks in the tesnet portal! As a reminder, the deadline for Phase 1 is Wednesday, March 31st @ 5pm PDT. Reminder: Depending on the final head count for Phase 1, we may pull waitlist members to become participating validators.


How do I access the testnet portal to submit tasks?

  1. Head to the Testnet Portal
  2. Click 'Forgot Password' to reset your password and enter your email address that you used to complete KYC/AML. This is to confirm that the email address is yours.
  3. Make sure to change your password
  4. Whenever you complete a task, submit it in the Testnet Portal - That's it!

Where do I find tasks and directions to submit them? do I need to submit for the Prometheus analytics task?

Head to Phase 1: Onboarding Tasks Can I submit a task after the Wednesday, March 31st @ 5pm PDT deadline?

No, all tasks must be submitted before that deadline.

What if I don't submit a challenge task?

You are not required to submit challenge tasks. However, validators who do not complete the network tasks for each phase will be at risk of being disqualified.

Help! I'm having trouble accessing the testnet portal

Please tag one of our admins in the #testnet-main channel on our official discord server. All active participants should have access to that channel now. Note also that our response times are much faster on Discord.