March 24, 2021 - Phase 1 is Live!

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Timeline Start: Wednesday, March 24, at 5pm PDT Close: Wednesday, March 31, at 5pm PDT About this phase This first phase of the incentivized testnet will be dedicated to setting up your validator environment and getting familiar with the Agoric testnet. You will also login to your unique account on the new testnet portal (coming soon!) so you can easily submit your tasks and challenges. Our goal is to ensure that all participating nodes are running smoothly and ready to submit tasks!

How to get started

  1. Head to the Phase 1: Onboarding section at the bottom of
  2. Start working on the tasks and challenges
  3. Keep an eye out for the launch of our new testnet portal where all participants can login, change passwords, and submit tasks. (The portal is not available yet, we will announce it tomorrow)

Note: Even though the testnet portal is not live, you can still begin completing tasks. Need help? Please ask your question in the #testnet-main channel so our team can get to you faster. We're off! 🚀