March 23, 2021 - Status of Your KYC/AML

Hello everyone! We have sent out all emails to the participants and waitlist members with their status as of last night PDT. That includes people whose KYC/AML have been approved, those who we need to resubmit additional info, those whose KYC/AML did not pass, and those that have not started the process. Please read below to find the category you fall under: If you have a @testnet-participant or @testnet-waitlist discord role Please check this on our discord server before reading further! If you have one of those roles it means your KYC/AML was approved and you can sit tight until the launch of Phase 1 tomorrow. If you submitted KYC/AML but don’t have either of those roles, hold tight. We are still verifying several KYC/AML submissions - we probably just haven’t gotten to yours yet. If you received a “KYC/AML not started” email This is totally normal. All it means is that we either haven’t reached your KYC/AML application yet, or that you have not in fact started the KYC/AML process. Please do so if you haven’t submitted your documents yet! If you received a “please resubmit your KYC/AML information” email Several applicants for both participating and waitlist were asked to resubmit their KYC/AML for various reasons. You should have an email clearly stating the reason (documentation, device, etc.) and to re-submit your KYC/AML. Important submission info Please use identification documents with Latin based characters when possible. Passports and driver’s license are accepted for most countries. Residence visa and ID cards are accepted for some countries. If you’re having issues, please respond to the email we sent. We are actively providing support on Discord and will be giving the testnet-participant and testnet-waitlist roles as we approve KYC/AMLs that come through. Thanks again for your patience and support! We’re excited to get the ball rolling tomorrow.