March 19, 2021 - Validators Selected!


Happy Friday everyone, This is an important update on our upcoming incentivized testnet. We had a tremendous number of applicants. On Friday evening, March 19, we finished the selection process and sent next-step emails to our 150 participants and 50 waitlist members, as well as notices to those whose applications weren’t accepted. The selection process was an amazing experience. We learned about the backgrounds and interests of our growing community. It took us several days and a heavy overnight session to come to finalize our decision-making, and we’re very excited for what comes next. If you received an acceptance letter or waitlist letter, please complete the next steps listed in the email you received so that we can ensure your place as participants and waitlist members. The deadline to submit your KYC/AML credentials is Tuesday, March 23, at 3pm PDT. In addition, we’d welcome your participation in the upcoming Agoric research panel. As a member of this panel, you’ll be called upon from time to time for your insight into validator programs and other product and market enhancements. We’ll keep you posted. And be sure to join the Agoric community on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, subscribe to our monthly newsletter, and catch us at upcoming events.

Thanks again to everyone who applied! We can’t wait to get started on Phase 1: Onboarding Wednesday, March 24, at 12pm PDT.