March 16, 2021 - Application #2

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To all our applicants,

Thank you for applying to the Agoric incentivized testnet. We’ve received an astounding number of applications and are blown away by the community interest we’ve seen. As a next step, we would like to get to know you better with a second application, which must be completed by Thursday, March 18 @ 3pm PDT. START APPLICATION #2 ←

After you submit application #2

  1. Selected applicants (and 50 waitlist members) will be sent KYC/AML emails by Friday, March 19 @ 6pm PDT
  2. All KYC/AML submissions due by Tuesday, March 23 @ 3pm PDT
  3. Phase 1: Onboarding will now start on Wednesday, March 24 @ 12pm PDT, and run until Wednesday, March 31 @ 12pm PDT

Waitlist Details

As noted above, will be selecting 50 members to join our waitlist. These 50 applicants are not officially selected for the 150 incentivized testnet seats, but will be on standby. Over the course of the testnet there may be a need to bring new applicants in for a variety of reasons. The 50 waitlist members should also complete KYC/AML ahead of time so we can get you in there as soon as possible if the need presents itself.

Importnat Note

If any of the 150 selected participants do not complete their KYC/AML forms by Tuesday, March 23 at 3pm PDT, Agoric will invite waitlist members to take their place.