March 11, 2021 - Testnet Launch Recap & FAQs

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What an amazing 24 hours!

From early contributors to partners to the new faces across all of our channels, it’s been a thrill to see all of the support and interest in the launch of Agoric's incentivized testnet. We also want to give a huge shoutout to the community members supporting those with questions. Thank you!


If you haven't done so already, you can apply to the testnet.

We wanted to take a brief opportunity to answer a few questions we’ve seen come up in our discord that are important for you to have answers to.

Why are you only accepting 150 validators? The limit exists as a balance between the technical support our engineering team can provide (they’re still building Agoric!), the points allocated to the incentivized testnet, and the maximum load the network can handle. Those three factors combined have led us to choose 150 seats for a healthy testnet. If I ran a validator from the early days, is my application automatically approved? Yes, if you were actively running a validator in 2020, your application will be approved pending KYC/AML checks.

I can't add my Public Key to the application form, what do I do? If you can't open and edit your original application form, don't worry! It is not mandatory at this stage. If your application is chosen to move onto the KYC/AML stage, you will have an opportunity to submit your public key directly to us. I had to submit the form twice to include my public key, will that cause disqualification? No, we understand that several applicants are having issues with editing their application to add their Public Key. If you had to resubmit, it is not an issue. However, please refrain from submitting a new form if you are looking to add your Public Key. If I get my node in the 100 active validator set for the devnet, does that mean I will be accepted into the incentivized testnet? No, having your node in the active 100 validator set on our currently active devnet does not affect your application status for the incentivized testnet. What is your application selection criteria? We have received an overwhelming response in applications. We would like to ensure diversity in geography and infrastructure. We will initially accept validators that ran an Agoric node in the testnet during 2020 as well as our early supporters from 2018 and 2019 (We expect this to be fewer than 50 nodes). We will prioritize candidates that have experience running validators, participate in other networks, have DevOps experience, and have been a champion in the Agoric community. Please be patient as we review each application. We plan to send a second survey covering questions on infrastructure, geography, experience, and networks you currently support. We will email you directly with the email address you used to register. Don’t hesitate if you have any other questions. We keep up to date with FAQs. We intend to have a quick turn around on these docs and will give ample time for responses given the global distribution of applications.

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