April 28, 2021 - Tech Upgrade For Phase 3

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Hello, validators! In preparation for Phase 3: Staking Dynamics, we require that all validators create and submit a “gentx” by Monday, May 3rd @ 5 pm PDT. This is critical in order to start Phase 3! How do I create a gentx? All details on how to create a gentx will be posted tomorrow, April 29th by 5 pm PDT. Where do I submit my gentx? Head to the Testnet Portal, log in, and complete the “Submit your gentx” task. (We'll open the portal once we send the instructions) What happens after that?

By May 4th @ 5 pm PDT our team will also provide you with instructions to install new software ahead of the coordinated Phase 3 genesis event. Installing new software should take ~30 mins. When is the Phase 3 coordinated genesis event? The Phase 3 genesis event starts on May 5th @ 16:00 UTC. It will require at least 66% of our validators to participate (similar to Phase 2’s genesis event). We will also open the rest of the Phase 3 tasks at that time! Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Discord!