April 13, 2021 - Important updates for Phase 2!

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To all node operators, please find an important update below: To prepare for Phase 2, Agoric will send each of you a DevKit (on Discord and via email) by April 14th @ 5pm PDT. The DevKit will include new software to start your node as well as a Genesis file. With this DevKit in hand, you will have 24 hours to set up your node so it can sign the genesis block starting on April 15th @ 5pm PDT To clarify any prior confusion, the coordinated restart of the chain for Phase 2 will now happen on April 15th @ 5pm PDT. If your node is running prior to that time and in working order, you do not need to be present at that time, the node should be able to do it autonomously. However, we recommend that validators join the coordinated time if they can to ensure all is in working order. As a reminder, we still need about 2/3 of all nodes working and ready to start the chain at start time in order to kick off Phase 2 of our incentivized testnet. Without your participation, Phase 2 can not begin! Phase 1 Task Submissions We are still reviewing submissions from Phase 1, including your submitted challenge tasks. Please hang tight as our team continues reviewing. Waitlist Update We will be inviting ~10 waitlist members to officially participate in the testnet. Those waitlist members will be chosen based on a mix of their applications and geographic location. If you are chosen, you will receive an email from helloworld@agoric.om asking to confirm your participation starting with Phase 2. Please reply with your decision as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time!