Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria

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Judging of network and community tasks will be reviewed from the task submission form for each participant with a valid node ID. We strive to provide transparency during this process and are happy to provide clarity as needed. Please post questions in the #validator channel on Discord.

  • Collection and Verification: When setting up your node, there is a pointer to our database that will collect validator metrics to verify tasks completed. Data from this activity will be stored in a cloud service that is available to Agoric. The data is then parsed to update the status board.
  • Screenshot Submissions: Some tasks may require a screenshot to verify a task was completed. The screenshot will be submitted in the form of a link on the task submission forms. An Agoric team member will visit the link shared and verify that the task was completed. Any false submissions will be updated on the status board.
  • Content Submissions: Links to content-based or community tasks will be submitted in the task submission form, including links to tweets, blogs, articles, or other social content. An Agoric team member will visit the link shared and verify the task was completed.
    • Tweets and tweet storms are reviewed by verifying the handle of the participant and that messaging is aligned with the objectives detailed in the task.
    • Content submissions are between 250 and 500 words and are required to correspond with the task/prompt for the phase appropriately. Content tasks are designed to answer questions of other community members and to highlight your work as a validator.
  • Challenge Tasks: These will vary with each phase on judging criteria. We will include the criteria and submission process for each phase. We expect there to be 1-2 challenge tasks for each phase, and for the final phase, Adversarial, to have multiple challenges. (This section of the rules will be updated as we make progress throughout the phases.)