Create a tool to help diversify the validator community

Description The goal of this task is to build a tool that improves the Agoric validator ecosystem. If you've seen something work well in your validation experience elsewhere, help bring something similar to Agoric. Or build a tool that you wish you'd had somewhere else.

Examples could include:

1. Porting other block explorers / dashboards to Agoric

2. A tool to help deploy a validator

3. Tools to help improve node uptime

4. Leaderboards for key system metrics Directions

We'll ask for a GitHub link to your tool, with a README on how to use it, and an URL of the hosted instance if applicable

Judging Criteria

Tool submissions will be judged on some combination of the below. Note that as tools will vary in their goals, not all criteria may be applicable to each submission - that's ok!

1. Overall improvement to the validating experience

2. Attractive presentation that reflects well on the Agoric validating community

3. Helpfulness in diversifying the validator base and keeping the chain decentralized

Note: we may include some community input on the submissions we get

How to submit Submission are now closed