Write & publish an article

Description Write and publish a 400-750 word article demonstrating knowledge of Agoric's technology and fit within the DeFi ecosystem. Here are a few ideas!

  • Agoric's Technology Stack (Zoe, ERTP, Offer Safety, Object Capabilities, etc.)
  • JavaScript Components (AMMs, Vaults & Loans, Covered Call, OTC Desk, etc.)
  • Future of interchain via IBC (Agoric connecting to Cosmos Hub chains)
  • Incentivized Testnet (Process, experience, your challenge task submissions, etc.)

Directions Write your article and publish it on a public platform of your choosing: personal blog, Medium, Discourse, Ghost, newsletter, etc. Judging Criteria Full points for content that is original, thoughtful, and is published on a public content platform like the ones described above. Articles lacking in quality will not qualify. How to submit

Phase 2 is now closed