Install Prometheus Node Exporter (OS)

Description During Phase 2, Agoric will actively evaluate CPU and memory use during the course of the incentivized testnet. For this task, we ask that you have prometheus monitoring set up within an hour of the genesis event on April 15 @ 5pm PDT, and keep it running with at least 90% uptime for the remainder of the testnet period. Directions 1. Install Prometheus node exporter OS by following the instructions on the official guide

2. Write a brief summary of how you plan to monitor your system performance (e.g., CPU and RAM usage) to ensure uptime in this phase.

3. Expose TCP ports for Prometheus metrics to be scraped by Start by following these instructions then open the specified metric ports on your firewall to allow to connect to them.

4. Submit a public IP address with Agoric VM metrics port (9464/tcp in the guide) and Tendermint metrics port (26660/tcp in the guide) accessible to the IP of found in DNS Judging Criteria We will review your summaries and ensure that your prometheus is properly installed. How To Submit

Phase 2 is now closed