Capture and submit a slog file


Similar to the last phase, we'd like all validators to submit a "slogfile" trace for their nodes. This file contains detailed information about the JavaScript contract execution for each block, including execution times. We will compare slogfiles across all validators to build a model of execution time, which will inform our upcoming metering phase.


1. To configure a validator to record a slogfile, you must set the $SLOGFILE environment variable to a fully-qualified filename. 2. Please include your moniker and the specific release you are running in the filename, so the path will end with something like "/mymoniker-agorictest17-chain.slog"). 3. Make sure this file can be written by the validator program: the directory must exist already, and the permissions must allow writing by the user account which owns the validator process.

How to submit

When the testnet phase completes, please compress the slogfile to gzip or bzip2, and provide it to Agoric via

Note: The slogfile can grow to a few GB in size, however it is highly compressible. A typical slogfile might compress down to 150MB