AMM Trade Part 1: Make a trade on the AMM and get charged a fee


As of the start of the metering phase, fees have been implemented to cover some, but not all, JavaScript-level transactions. These will show up when you interact with the Treasury and should be apparent when you see an offer in your wallet.

Directions / How to submit

  1. [Newly Added]: Make sure you have some RUN in the RUN fee purse in your wallet!
  2. Head to the Agoric Treasury at with your wallet connected
  3. Make a trade on the AutoSwap
  4. When the offer arrives in your wallet, confirm that it includes fee details. Take a screenshot (optional)!

Note: this offer will be used for the AMM Trade Part 2 task!

How to Submit In the testnet portal, submit the details of your offer (Give, Want, Fee Amount) and optionally upload your screenshot