Build a system performance analysis tool for validators

Description What tool do you expect to want during the stress test phase to maximize the load your system can handle? Build a tool that analyzes resource usage of a system so that you can tune your hardware and/or bring attention to the Agoric engineering team to improve performance. Be sure to indicate any compatibility requirements for others to use your tool.

If possible, include the JavaScript smart contract execution layer in the tool's analysis!


We'll ask for a GitHub link to your tool, with a README on how to use it, and a URL of the hosted instance if applicable.

Judging Criteria

Tool submissions will be judged on some combination of the below. Note that as tools will vary in their goals, not all criteria may be applicable to each submission - that's ok!

1. Overall improvement to the validating experience

2. Attractive presentation that reflects well on the Agoric validating community

3. Helpfulness in diversifying the validator base and keeping the chain decentralized

How to submit

Phase 2 is now closed