Build software / tool based off the staking and/or Agoric core economy APIs


We are looking for creative software that helps stakers, validators, or other Agoric economy participants interact with our staking and core economy APIs.

Example projects could be:

  • A contract to auto-buy BLD on AMM with RUN economy rewards
  • A contract to auto-reinvest BLD rewards into a Treasury vault to mint RUN
  • A front-end for stakers to manage delegations

Come chat about your ideas in Discord!

Judging Criteria

Tool submissions will be judged on some combination of the below. Note that as tools will vary in their goals, not all criteria may be applicable to each submission - that's ok!

1. Overall improvement to the staking experience

2. Attractive presentation that reflects well on the Agoric validating community

3. Helpfulness in simplifying the experience for participants of the Agoric economy How to submit