READ THIS FIRST: Record and upload a video to Youtube of a Phase 3 task


Create a 1-minute (minimum) video of you completing the "Increase your BLD stake with your RUN rewards" network task, upload it to youtube, add hashtags, and drop the link in the testnet portal. Because we don't want you doing things twice, it's important to see this task first! Directions

Step 1: Record a screen capture video of you completing task linked above:

  • Set Up A Wallet (Agoric Solo Machine)
  • RUN rewards will begin distributing to this client
  • When you have accumulated sufficient RUN, trade it for at least 1 BLD on the Agoric AMM
  • Stake that BLD with a validator (you may stake it directly from this account or move it to your existing validator account)

Step 2: Upload to Youtube on your channel of choice (must be public)

Step 3: Include the following hashtags in your video settings: Agoric, DeFi, Testnet, BLD, RUN, Cryptocurrency

Step 4: Publish video

Important Notes:

  • Feel free to introduce yourself or walk the audience through the process!
  • Did you learn anything during the testnet? See something cool? Mention it in your recording!
  • We are just as interested in videos of it being challenging as we are of success. Feel free to include suggestions for improvement in your submission.
  • Inappropriate or NSFW content submissions are strictly prohibited and will result in a deduction of points at Agoric's discretion

Judging Criteria

Video must be at least 1 minute in length, clearly show the tasks in Step 1 above, have the proper hashtags in the video, uploaded to Youtube, and publicly viewable. How to submit CLOSED