Agoric Incentivized Testnet

Agoric Incentivized Testnet

  • Incentivized Testnet applications closed March 2021
  • Incentivized Testnet Phases 1-4 complete
  • Incentivized Testnet Phase 5 (adversarial) schedule is TBD, with at least one month notice to participants.

Updates ยท Judging Criteria ยท Claiming Rewards

Overview ๐Ÿš€

The Agoric testnet is a series of global, competitive challenges for validators to prepare, learn, and earn points in advance of Agoric's mainnet. The testnet will consist of five (5) phases, each phase focused on testing a different aspect of validating and securing the Agoric blockchain network. Points are earned by completing network and community tasks during each phase, with bonus points awarded to the winners of the challenge tasks. The Agoric team will provide all validators with technical support on our Discord, weekly updates with important information on our updates page, and announcements for the start of each phase.

Final Phase


Testnet Summary To Date

  • The testnet has five phases.
  • Participation in the testnet is limited to 150 seats! (Applicants not accepted in the first wave may be added to a waitlist and brought in at a later time if there is space)
  • Points are earned for completing tasks and winning challenges
  • Limit of one node per participant (person or entity). KYC/AML required.
  • The source of truth during testnet is this site, the #validator channel on our discord and our tweets pointing to one of these two sources.
  • Claiming rewards requires paperwork, i.e. tax identification forms.

Testnet Goals

What we're looking to achieve.


Secure the Network Scale # of validators on our network. Take part in governance and upgrades, and keep the Agoric chain secure.


Train and Prepare Validators Prepare validators to be ready for mainnet. Learn about the nuances of running a node for mainnet and earn points.


Grow Community We want to work with the best people from all over the world. A diverse network of validators is the way forward to a strong network.

Active Validators โš“

A few of the amazing validators supporting our testnet.

Phases ๐ŸŒ€

Beginning March 22nd and running through June 2021, each of the five phases will run for a total of one week. There will be a two-week pause between phases for the Agoric team to evaluate results and prepare the next phase. At the start of the Staking Dynamics (Phase 3) and the Stress Test (Phase 4), there will be a technical upgrade issued by the Agoric team โ€” so stay on the lookout!

  • Phase 1: Onboarding
  • Dedicated to the setting up the validator environment and getting familiar with the Agoric network.

  • Phase 2: Infrastructure
  • Focused on testing the hardware, using XS, running network load and performing maintenance tasks.

  • Phase 3: Staking Dynamics
  • Test all aspects of staking, jailing, bonding, and beyond.

  • Phase 4: Stress Test
  • Validators will participate in various tasks to test the upper bounds of our testnet, including coordinated strikes, network-wide votes, and how our network reacts to emergency updates.

  • Phase 5: Adversarial
  • A coordinated strike to bring as much complexity as possible to the Agoric network. Validators will compete with (and against) one another to take the largest portion of the reward pool.

Tasks ๐Ÿšด

Each phase will provide three (3) kinds of tasks for validators to complete.


Network Tasks Learn what it takes to run a validator. Our engineers have defined technical actions to help test and secure the network.


Community Tasks Provide feedback and support the community by creating content including testimonials, video reviews, social sharing, and more. Community Tasks are counted only if Network Tasks are completed.


Challenge Tasks Compete against other validators in building useful tools, like automations, scripts, and even trying your hand at basic JS smart contracts. Each challenge submission requires a written overview on the challenge attempt, outcome, and conclusion.

Points and Rewards ๐Ÿ†

During the incentivized testnet, participants will earn points by completing tasks and winning challenges. When nodes are later eligible to get added to the Agoric mainnet, we will send the registered participants their rewards for those points.

As a general metric, Agoric is allocating over 1,000,000 tokens to reward participation in the phases of the incentivized testnet.

Key details

  • Network tasks are worth twice as much as community tasks.
  • The point system for 'Phase 5: Adversarial' is different and will be shared closer to June 2021.

The total points each participant can earn for completing all network and community task at each phase is listed below. The number of tasks to complete is subject to change. Points per task increase with each phase.

Challenge Points

PhaseTotal Point Pool
1. Onboarding Challenge
2. Infrastructure Challenge
3. Staking Dynamics Challenge
4. Stress Test Challenge #1
5. Stress Test Challenge #2

Below is a breakdown of total points for the challenge task of each phase. When possible, we anticipate having a first, second and third winner for most challenges. Details will be confirmed at the start of each phase.

Network & Community Points

PhaseNetwork Points (Per Task)Community Points (Per Task)Total (All Tasks)
Staking Dynamics
Stress Test

Playbook ๐Ÿ“•

Everything you need to know to get started.

Getting Started

  1. Join the Agoric Discord Server
  2. Complete the testnet application form (if you don't have a node yet, more info below)
  3. If your application is approved, Agoric will send you an email with a link to complete KYC/AML.
  4. Agoric will then confirm your KYC/AML approval by email.
  5. Agoric will then give you a unique tag on the Discord giving you access to an incentivized testnet channel.
  6. You can now (if you haven't) set up your node by following the Validator Setup Guide and add your Public Key into your original application form.
Only one node per participant allowed, meaning one KYC verified identity per node. 

For Each Phase

  1. Each phase will kick off on Monday at 12pm (noon) PST and ends the following Monday at 12pm PST.
  2. The Agoric team will announce the start of the phase in the Discord #validators channel and will update this page.
  3. Review the unlocked Phase(s) for tasks, submission form, and documentation.
  4. Make sure you understand the task list and relevant documentation links.
  5. Work on the list of tasks
  6. Have questions? Ask in the #validators channel on discord.
  7. In order to receive points for tasks completed, each node must submit a complete task submission form.

Important Pages

Links to everything you might need.

Reminders ๐Ÿ“Œ

About the network

We are launching a new network and economy, so this testnet is the first opportunity to test and debug ๐Ÿ›๐Ÿž the Agoric network prior to mainnet. Expect for things to break!

About the team

We're grinding hard to build something new. We'll be active on community channels, but we can't get to every issue right away. We encourage community support when possible to address any issues!

Past Testnet Phases ๐Ÿ‘‡


About this phase This first phase of the incentivized testnet was dedicated to setting up your validator environment, completing community tasks, and getting familiar with the Agoric testnet infrastructure.


About this phase The second phase of the incentivized testnet is all about the infrastructure. To prepare for Phase 2, you will have 24 hours to set up your node so it can sign the genesis block starting on April 15th @ 5pm PDT. Important Reminder: We need 2/3 of all nodes working and ready to start the chain at the Genesis event on April 15th @ 5pm PDT to kick off Phase 2. Without node participation, Phase 2 will not begin!


About this phase! The third phase of the incentivized testnet is all about testing our staking dynamics! Validators will engage in various network, community, and challenge tasks to test our staking mechanisms.

What do I do after I submit my gentx task?

By May 4th @ 5 pm PDT our team will provide you with instructions to install new software ahead of the coordinated Phase 3 genesis event. Installing new software should take ~30 mins. When is the Phase 3 coordinated genesis event? The Phase 3 genesis event starts on May 6th @ 9am PDT. It will require at least 66% of our validators to participate (similar to Phase 2โ€™s genesis event). We will also open the rest of the Phase 3 tasks at that time!


About this phase! The fourth phase of the incentivized testnet is all about testing stress testing our network through a series of high-load tasks. Like previous phases, validators will engage in various network, community, and challenge tasks to test stress test our network.

What do I do after I submit my gentx task?

After you submit your gentx by June 23 @ 9am PDT, our team will provide you with instructions to install new software ahead of the coordinated Phase 4 chain start. Installing new software should take ~30 mins. When is the Phase 4 coordinated genesis event? The Phase 4 coordinated chain is on June 24 @ 9am PDT. It will require at least 66% of our validators to participate (similar to Phase 3โ€™s chain start event).

About this phase Phase 4.5: Metering of the incentivized testnet is designed to test Agoric's metering system. For background, metering is necessary to prevent the abuse of common compute resources and to help cover the costs of continued chain operation.

Key participation information

In order to take part in Phase 4.5 of our testnet, there are three key tasks you'll need to complete. More information on each task and how to submit can be found in the Task List below. 1. Create and submit your gentx This task is now live, so simply go to the 'Create and submit your gentx' in the Task List below to complete. This task ensures that your node is counted for when we start the chain for this phase. 2. Start your validator as part of the genesis ceremony For this task you will need the genesis.json file provided by the Agoric team. We will provide this with enough time before the coordinated genesis ceremony. 3. Take part in the agorictest-17 chain start By completing the two tasks above, your node will be ready to start the chain for Phase 4.5. We need 2/3 of all nodes working and ready to start the chain on August 19 @ 11am PT / 18:00 UTC.